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April 7, 2014

Anti-Choice Lawmakers Use Appropriations Process Yet Again to Attack Women's Reproductive Rights

Late last Friday, three letters were dispatched from more than 85 anti-choice politicians to House Appropriations Committee leaders requesting that anti-choice provisions be included in FY’15 appropriations legislation. Today, NARAL Pro-Choice America released the following statement from president Ilyse Hogue in response:

“I find it ironic that the very same politicians who are against abortion care, are the same ones against birth control and family-planning services—critical to preventing unintended pregnancy. Instead, anti-choice politicians have doubled down on their attacks on reproductive health care by pressuring House Appropriations Committee leadership to insert major anti-choice provisions—all aimed at using Congress’ purse strings to deny critical health care to women who need it at home and abroad.

“In addition to eliminating funding for family-planning centers, where millions of Americans receive health care including cancer screenings and accurate sex education, these anti-choice politicians proposed cutting the U.S. contribution to the United Nations Population Fund and reinstating the global gag rule to block funds to organizations providing family planning and critical health services to the poorest women in the world.

“The majority of Americans support reproductive choice but anti-choice politicians are ignoring the majority and obsessively trying to eliminate funding that enables women and families to access the care and coverage they need.”

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