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1. 2009 Congressional Record on Choice (07/27/2010)

Description: Download the 2009 Congressional Record on Choice

2. The Truth about Crisis Pregnancy Centers (02/10/2016)

Description: Anyone seeking health-care services should receive comprehensive, unbiased, medically and factually accurate information. Women facing unintended pregnancy deserve no less. When women are fully informed, they are better able to make responsible and appropriate decisions about their reproductive health. Mindful of this, the anti-choice movement has for years tried to restrict, control, and manipulate the information doctors give women facing unplanned pregnancies. Unable to shut down legitimate public-health clinics, their most recent strategy is instead to build a network across the country of anti-choice organizations, some of them posing as comprehensive health-care clinics – so-called “crisis pregnancy centers” (CPCs).

3. 2011 Congressional Record on Choice (01/04/2012)

4. 2005 Congressional Record on Choice (09/14/2010)

Description: See how members of Congress voted on choice-related issues in 2005.

5. NARAL Pro-Choice America Applauds Senate's Rejection of Two Anti-Choice Amendments to Budget Resolution (07/26/2010)

6. Pro-Choice Americans Prevail in First-Ever Congressional Vote on So-Called "Crisis Pregnancy Centers" (07/16/2010)

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