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Abortion Bans Throughout Pregnancy

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End the House Special Committee Attacking Planned Parenthood

Exposing people involved in fetal tissue research to harassment and intimidation is not just wrong. It's dangerous and irresponsible. Tell Rep. Marsha Blackburn to dismantle her committee attacking women's health.

Tell Republican Senators: Don't Obstruct President Obama's Supreme Court Nominee

President Obama has fulfilled his constitutional duty to fill the vacancy on the Supreme Court, nominating Merrick Garland. And yet Senate Republican leaders are still refusing to do their jobs.

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Combating the Zika Health Crisis

The Republicans are playing games with the health of women and families. Their Zika bill restricts funding for contraception and health care clinics. Learn More »

Have politicians succeeded in making abortion illegal in some cases?

YES. In 2003, Congress passed and the president signed the Federal Abortion Ban, and the Supreme Court ruled it constitutional in Gonzales v. Carhart. That ban outlaws certain safe, medically appropriate abortion care often necessary to protect a woman’s health as early as the 12th week of pregnancy. While the Federal Abortion Ban applied nationwide, the court’s decision also gave states the green light to enact further bans and other restrictions on abortion that disregard women’s health.

Sadly, we have seen this exact scenario play out: in 2010 Nebraska enacted the very first ban on abortion after 20 weeks, with no exception to protect a woman’s health; many other states quickly followed suit. Anti-choice politicians have since grown even bolder by banning abortion earlier and earlier in pregnancy (see also: Near-Total Abortion Bans). These bans are part of an alarming, coordinated effort to lure the Supreme Court into dismantling the protections established by Roe v. Wade.

Abortion Bans by Week:

Bans abortion at a certain week of pregnancy

Current State Measures

13 states ban abortion after 20 weeks without an adequate health exception: AL, AZ*, AR, GA, ID, IN, KS, LA, MS, NE, ND, OK, TX.

1 state has an unconstitutional and unenforceable ban on abortion after 12 weeks without an adequate health exception: AR*.

*Note: Borth Arizona's and Arkansas’ law are written in such a way that it could apply two weeks earlier than is written in the statute.

2014 Enacted State Legislation

1 state enacted 1 ban on abortion after 20 weeks without an adequate health exception: MS.

Abortion Bans by Procedure:

Bans a type of abortion procedure

Current State Measures

20 states have unconstitutional and unenforceable procedure bans that could outlaw abortion as early as the 12th week of pregnancy, with no exception to protect a woman’s health: AL, AK, FL, ID, IL, IN, IA, KY, MI, MS, NE, NJ, ND, OK, RI, SC, SD, TN, WV, WI.

9 states ban a safe abortion procedure with no health exception: AZ, AR, KS, LA, MI, MO, NH, UT, VA.

1 state bans a safe abortion procedure with only a narrow health exception: OH.

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