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Women deserve accommodations that demonstrate respect for a woman’s choice to start or grow a family. That’s an essential part of reproductive freedom.

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VIDEO: I was 31 years old, just got laid off from my job, got pregnant and wondered what I was going to do.

Sara, 26

My stepmother was born in Boston during the pre-Roe days. She was then adopted by a loving couple. The doctor that delivered her set up the adoption—he had done this many times. But he was also there as a safe option for women that looked for an abortion provider.

We stand with women who choose to have children. We support making sure that women have access to quality prenatal care. That's what it means to be pro-choice.

The Challenge

Anti-choice activists try to stop women from choosing abortion. But then they often do not help women who decide to have a baby get the prenatal care they need to have a healthy pregnancy. 

  • Anti-choice members of Congress tried to play politics with children's health. They wanted to provide coverage to the embryo or fetus but not the pregnant woman. How do you have a healthy pregnancy without a healthy woman? That's the kind of wrong-headed thinking we're up against.
  • A major anti-choice organization even opposed providing care for children once they are born by limiting the state Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP). This program provides millions of children with access to basic health care.

Our Solution

Women who have access to quality prenatal care throughout pregnancy are more likely to have healthier babies.

  • We believe that lawmakers should support funding for pre-natal care.
  • Insurance carriers should not be allowed to prevent a woman from getting insurance just because she is pregnant.

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