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Aaron, 28

I gave birth to my son in 2004­—a son who was wanted, planned for, and loved.

The deep love I had for my child didn't make the pregnancy an easy one, however.

I am a transgender man.  I had not come out as transgender or begun transitioning when I was pregnant, and carrying the pregnancy/giving birth was a very traumatic, difficult experience due to the cognitive dissonance between my mind and body.

After all "men" can't get pregnant, right?

Well, this one did.

Having lived through that experience, I now know that it is not something I could ever endure emotionally again.  I could only imagine how someone who didn't wish to be pregnant in the first place would have felt, knowing how horrible I felt despite wanting a child very much.  The feelings of depression and despair were only endurable by focusing on the joy that would await me at the completion.  Without that, and with the dread of bearing a child out of rape or incest, or into a situation not prepared to raise a child, I cannot imagine how a person would cope with those feelings.

I support the right to choose—for women AND transmen.

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