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Alicia, 35

At 19 weeks pregnant I found out my baby had spina bifida very severely. We decided on medical termination. My husband and I went to a clinic a week later where we were harassed by protestors. I am furious that the 35 foot rule is gone. I cannot imagine if someone would have shouted "Be a man and get her out of here" in my husband’s face that day. It was bad enough to hear 35 feet away. It was my right to have an abortion and save my baby and my family emotional and physical pain.

I was robbed of a healthy baby and a way of life and dreams for the future but also robbed of my rights, my control over my body, my control over my medical records and my control over my grief. The experience taught me to be angry and how it is to feel powerless because no one will help me. I ended up in an abortion clinic when I least expected it but most needed it. Not everything is easy but sometimes it is what's right.

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