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Amanda, 18

Growing up in a conservative area, I've never really thought much about abortion. Sex education classes always preached abstinence and "good girls," a demographic I've always been included in, never had sex before marriage. That is until I found myself in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship with a "good, Christian boy" and became pregnant. After much deliberation, I realized that I couldn't go through with a pregnancy.

While I am glad that I have the right to an abortion, in my state this basic health right is so limited that I didn't even bother trying to get the procedure done anywhere near my hometown. Instead, I traveled out of state to receive it.

Today, months later, I received an acceptance letter to a prestigious university, and realized that without the right to be an advocate for my personal health, I would probably be forced into a marriage with a horrible, horrible individual. Instead, I will continue my education in the fall, and have a bright future ahead of me.

Thank you, pro-choice advocates, and please continue your efforts on the behalf of the many girls like myself across the United States. We have trouble speaking up, so we need strong voices. Please don't forget that.

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