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Anne, 30

I worked at an abortion clinic 2 years ago, supporting women and their choices. Although I hadn't yet faced the choice myself, I've always supported women's reproductive rights.

After several years of trying to get pregnant, I finally did through infertility treatment. For two weeks, I was settling into the idea that I would be the parent of a healthy baby. I was told at my first ultrasound that I had several eggs implanted, not just one. After much discussion with my husband, we decided to do selective reduction...a process that reduces 3 or more fetuses to 1 or 2 (safer for both mother and child). I called around to several maternal-fetal doctors in my area who stated, "we don't do abortions here." I called my insurance company for a referral, but was told "we don't pay for abortions honey, try your local clinic." After much research on the web, I located a doctor in New York who performed the procedure.

I'm angry that the infertility treatment caused this dilemma for myself and my husband. Moreover, I'm angry that I was faced with several nasty comments from nurses and office staff about "it's your own fault" and such. I have the right to have a happy and healthy child. I also have the right to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

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