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Anonymous, 28

I come from a fiercely Catholic, pro-life family - and used to be pro-life myself.

One day a co-worker’s car broke down in my neighborhood and I gave him a ride home. He took me out to dinner and for drinks and dancing a few days later to thank me. We went back to my place and he became extremely forceful. The more I resisted, the angrier and more forceful he got. I gave in because I was afraid he would seriously injure me, he was coming at me with such fury.

I found out that I had gotten pregnant that first night. I felt like a fool for not using emergency contraception. I tried to reason it away, pretend that I wasn't raped despite all the scratches and bruises all over my body.

Needless to say, he didn't want me or the baby. I believed he would rather hire someone to kill me than see me go through with the pregnancy. I also considered what I wanted for my own child. Did I want to have a child whose father wanted nothing to do with him/her, one who I was afraid might kill me and my baby. I knew I couldn't do it alone. But I also knew that if I went through with the pregnancy, I would not be able to give the baby up for adoption... and I would be forever tied to my ex that raped me and left me. The entire situation was far too unhealthy to bring my child into. I felt abortion was the selfless thing for me to do, because intentionally bringing a child into that mess would have been completely irresponsible and unfair to any child.

I don't regret the abortion. In fact, I would not be married to my loving, responsible husband who is an awesome father to my two kids and the one we have on the way. I am forever grateful that I was able to have a safe, legal abortion without harassment. My life, my decision!

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