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Caroline, 18

My freshman year going into college, I found out I was pregnant. I talked to only my mother, father, and sister about what my choices were. I was scared, and felt absolutely alone at college. It was only the third week of being there and I had been having trouble adjusting anyway. When the option of abortion came about, I had always thought that I was pro-choice and I could not tell a woman it's wrong for her to get an abortion, but it wasn't for me. I never thought I'd be in this position though, and that changed everything. I wanted to go to college, learn, I had a plan and even physically being pregnant I decided could take away some of my experience. So with the support of my mother, who had an abortion when she was a little older than me, and my father, I made the choice to have an abortion. Now I was afraid to tell almost any peers back home, even some of my closest friends. They would've criticized me greater than any protester outside the clinic the day of my procedure could. I am pro-choice, for every teenage/young adult woman who is afraid to voice her choice because of how politics and religion has influenced her peers. For every girl who's been the only one brave enough to say they're pro-choice in a classroom debate, and take the verbal abuse from not only her classmates but even the teacher. I am pro-choice because I've realized no one should have to be afraid to admit something that is her RIGHT.

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