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Carolyn, 37

In 2008 I became pregnant while using the Nuva Ring form of birth control. I had a 5 year old and a 2 year old and a career as a professor in a master's program. I was overwhelmed. When I told my husband I was pregnant, he said, "I guess we are having another baby." I knew in my heart that a third child would stretch us thin; emotionally, time-wise, financially and mentally. When I brought up the topic of an abortion, my husband said that he had never considered it an option. After all, we are a two income family with financial security, a great support network of grandparents, friends and neighbors and we adore our children.

After many days and nights of discussions, he came to understand that I felt I was unable to handle a third child. He understood that, as the mother, I bear the majority of the work when it comes to our family. I had an abortion in August 2009 at 10 weeks. It still is difficult emotionally. However, I know in my heart we did what was right and what was best for our family. I have never regretted the decision.

I feel incredible anger at the anti-choice movement. Are any of those people going to come to my home and help me raise a third child? Are they going to pay for that child's needs, help me get that child to bed after an exhausting day, pay for that child's education? This is my body and I am incredibly grateful that I am in control of it.


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