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Cathy, 43

My parents raised me to be open minded, to not  judge.  To accept the incident, deal with, and decide an outcome. My reason for being Pro-Choice has many layers.   

During college I was best friends with a male friend, we worked together and socialized in the same circles. He was pro-life and would not allow himself to see any situation that would warrant changing his mind. He and I had many heated debates concerning Pro-Choice. 

His girlfriend at the time was attacked off campus and raped. They were intimate, and it wrecked both of their lives.  He attempted to help her through the hard times, eight weeks later she found she was pregnant. She told him that she could not have the baby. She could not see herself carrying the child to give up for adoption as it was a constant reminder of the pain that was caused to her by a senseless stranger. At that moment he said to me later that he realized why she wanted to have an abortion, that the freedom they had to make a choice is what mattered the most. He wanted them to recover mentally and physically. She made her decision and moved on with her life.

My friend wrote a thesis on abortion, pointing out that he was Pro-Life however, that women come upon issues that they should have the freedom to choose.

There are always two sides to any story. However, if a woman cannot be in control of the decisions about her mind and body, that would be the true crime! 

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