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Charlotte, 37

Several reasons I am pro-choice: 

I am pro-human, including pro-child!  Every day I hear about abused or neglected children, children out on the streets, with drug problems, etc.  Every child should be a WANTED child, and one who is going to be taken care of.

I don't believe women are just incubators!  Like many women of my generation, I had well-meaning parents who told me "you can become anything you want to be," and I believed them.  How can a woman go all the way to the Supreme Court, or go through med school or training for the space program, or ANYTHING, if she is going to have to go through a forced pregnancy whenever she has sex?!  This policy seems awfully punitive, Victorian, and simplistic to me.  And by the way, birth control CAN FAIL.

If not for Roe v. Wade, I would be forever tied to an inappropriate, abusive partner right now, trying to raise a child on what would probably be a very low salary--because I've always believed if you choose to have a child, you should choose to RAISE that child right, which means I would choose to spend as much time with that child as possible, which would have limited my choice of careers.  Without Roe v. Wade, I would've been punished for having made a bad sexual decision (and I DID use birth control!) when I had been abused myself, was very young, and had no self-esteem.  Odd that men who make bad sexual decisions do not undergo similar life-long repercussions, unless they have contracted AIDS (which is a whole other, complicated matter).

Life is not black and white.  Life is not simple. 

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