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Chloe, 15

I am pro-choice because in the short life I have lived, I've seen so many girls my age have and keep babies. Last year at my high school, two girls had babies, and four got pregnant. There are under four hundred people in my high school. I live somewhere in what most call the 'bible belt,' and abortion was not considered an option to any of those girls. Here, if you get pregnant, you have a baby. Yes, I am faced with adversity for letting my beliefs be known. No, I would not lie about them for any reason. I have not been taught safe sex practices as a sophomore in high school, though I've sought them out for myself. There are places in my state that would require women travelling four hours to have an abortion, and there are Tea Party bumper stickers all over my town. I am pro-choice, because I have seen what ignorance can do to people.

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