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Christa, 41

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I was married with a 3 year old when I got pregnant for the second time. My husband and I were thrilled to find out we were going to have another girl. However, when I was five months pregnant my baby contracted Fifth's Disease and died. I was told that because she was so far along I had to go to the maternity ward to deliver her. While there I was told by the nurses that this was, "Gods Plan." The experience of giving birth to my dead daughter while I could hear healthy babies in the rooms next door was immensely traumatic. It was not until months later that I started to question why I was not given the option to have the child removed surgically. I went to the doctor and asked why I was not given that option, and explained that the birth experience was the most traumatic part of the loss. She stated, "because late term abortions are not legal in North Carolina." It didn't matter that I did not terminate the pregnancy, that my daughter had died due to illness. The pregnancy was already over, but I had to go through the experience of stillbirth, which haunts me to this day. The doctor also told me she had a patient have her stillborn child removed via c-section because she could not bear the still birth process. This is inhumane.

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