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Dawn, 40

I got pregnant in the summer of 2008. My husband and I were thrilled. We had been trying for about 6 months and it finally happened.

At 11 weeks of gestation we found out that the fetus had anencephaly. We were devastated. This was a very wanted child. We terminated the pregnancy two days later in a hospital. My OB performed the D&C. The doctor considered this a "condition not compatible with life."

Unbeknown to me, my insurance carrier later refused to cover the procedure. I have come to find out that the insurance carrier had no choice in covering the procedure. Federal law prohibits them from covering the procedure. I am a federal government employee and in 1995 a provision was slipped into an appropriations bill stating that insurance carriers for plans offered to federal government employees are prohibited from paying for abortion services unless the pregnancy is the result of an act of rape, incest, or threatens the life of the woman.

I received a letter from the insurance carrier from my appeal of the initial denial. The letter stated that the anencephaly did not threaten my ability to carry to term so the denial of benefits was correct. It appears that this carrier was bound by federal law. If I were covered by this carrier under a non-federal plan, I would have been covered for a therapeutic abortion.

I resent that my healthcare and the healthcare of all female federal employees is compromised by this law.

I have worked for pro-choice causes for the better part of my life doing a variety of volunteer activities as well as donating money. I support choice in all circumstances.


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