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Elle, 22

When I first told him about the pregnancy, he told me that he supported me no matter what. Turns out, those were just empty words.

I was alone in that cold room, despite the fact that he said he would take me. The room wasn't that bad, and the doctor and nurses were very wonderful and nice. But I didn't have anyone I really knew by my side. That's the only part that I regret: that I would be with a boy who would leave me alone in that room.

I do not regret my choice. I never have.

Because I love her with all of my being, even now. She was only 10 weeks old, but I knew with all of my being that it was a female. And I knew that her name is Maria, even though I've never told anyone that...

But I love her enough to know that it was the best decision for her. And that's ok.

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