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Emily, 18

At age 18 most kids believe they are invincible. But what some kids don't realize is that life can simply change in the blink of an eye.  I wasn't ready for a baby nor was my boyfriend of only two months. My biggest issue was that my mother was fully against abortion and ruled it out for me immediately. He and I talked it over and I broke the news to my mother that I could not keep the baby not only because I wasn't ready but also because I didn't want to lose everything I was working so hard to get. She stopped talking to me and my boyfriend became my rock. When my appointment finally came I found out what it was like to be protested against. Something no one should ever have to feel when what they are doing isn’t wrong. The crude things that came from these people’s mouths did not make them right or just as they screamed about how what I was doing was wrong and against faith. 

I'm not strong about faith entirely but if they wanted to speak of sinning then I fully agree their current actions were just as bad of a sin as mine. The doctor did his job and everyone involved was helpful and kind and understood that this situation was no easy choice made in only a few days.

Though my story seems common from what many others have also told, I just want to make it clear to every young girl in this situation that you're not alone. There is always going to be someone just like you with the same if not worse situation and also there will always be someone there to help. So though those protesters make everyone a bit uneasy I just want to reassure the girls who know this choice is right for them, not to be afraid. You are not wrong in whatever you choose to do you are only told you're wrong because people are too uneducated to understand. I hope my story helps at least one person and don't forget you are loved.

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