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Ghong, 23

I'd lived in Oregon for the first 21 years of my life and recently moved to Utah. My husband is in the Air Force and was stationed near Salt Lake. For me, abortion is a choice. When I became pregnant, after years of using contraceptives, I chose abortion. I was not ready for a child and I had no means of supporting one the way I'd always planned. It meant being straight with myself and looking into my heart but for me, it was the right choice. The hospital that I got my pregnancy test from gave me dirty looks when I told them I'd decided to have an abortion and a nurse spent countless minutes telling me how I should run my life and about responsibility. I countered with the statement that in my opinion, being responsible meant having a steady job, income, and a home instead of bringing a child into a lifestyle where I wouldn't be able to provide for it, physically and emotionally. I left that place and went to an abortion clinic, the only one in Salt Lake City. I had to jump through hoops though - attending a lecture, signing numerous paperwork, and waiting 48 hours in case I wasn't 'sure' of my decision. In the end, I had my abortion and I'm not ashamed of it. I believe, sincerely, that it was in my best interests and that I made the right decision. No one should be shamed into a decision and all women should have a choice.


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