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Gina, VA

I hear all the time about the stereotype of what type of girl/woman have abortions. Sleeping around, not using birth control, etc. I am here to tell you that their wrong! Shortly after starting college, I got married.  He was the first person I had sex with.  He was the only person I was having sex with.  Since I didn't want to become pregnant, I was on birth control pills.  I was taking birth control pills since I was 15 years old to regulate my period, not because I was sexually active.  I never had a problem with them. A few years into my marriage and 1 year before I was to graduate from college, I got really sick and was put on antibiotics.  I was never told they were cause the birth control pills to become ineffective.  I thought I was fine.  A month after being sick, I missed my period.  I just figured it was because I was sick and stressing out about finals.  One more month went by and still no period.  I was in denial that I was pregnant.  I was on the pill, how could I be pregnant?  A friend of mine finally bought me a test.  That is when I found out I was pregnant.  At this point, I was well past 13 weeks pregnant!  I thought about my future.  Was I going to finish college?  My major was physically challenging AND around dangerous chemicals.  There was no way to finish that last year AND be pregnant.  I called the ONLY abortion clinic within 100 miles from my home.  I had to wait 3 more weeks to get an appointment because they were only open 1 day each week! 

Since I was a college student, raising $300 was quite difficult!  I finally had a friend give me the last $100 that I needed and she drove me to the clinic.  They performed an ultrasound on me and I was informed I was 17 weeks pregnant.  I was lucky that abortions were legal up until 24 weeks back then, unlike today.  But since I was at 17 weeks, they still didn't know if the doctor would give me an abortion.  I was lucky he did.  Because of this, I was able to finish college and go on to live my life in a very productive way.  I love my life!

The stereotypes kill me!  No, I was not a slut nor sleeping around.  I was sleeping with my husband.  YES, I was using protection.  I was never informed that antibiotics mess with birth control pills.  NO, I never told my husband because it was MY body and MY future on the line.  NO, I never regretted having an abortion nor do I feel ashamed of having one!

Today I am making 6 figures in an upper management position.  I have a wonderful daughter which I chose to have (also got pregnant from a condom failure).  Don't be so quick to judge people who have had abortions and throwing them into a stereotype.  Women of all backgrounds and situations find themselves in situations where they need to make a choice.  I am just SO glad one was there for me to make. 

Today's laws where you cannot have an abortion after 10 weeks is ridiculous!  Not everyone assumes they are pregnant after missing a period.  Some are in denial and are sure any minute, they will get their periods. are considered to be 4 weeks pregnant the first day you miss your period EVEN if you only had sex days before that.  (I have never understood how you are pregnant before you actually have the sex that makes you pregnant).  We need more time!  We need more acceptance.  I am not shy about having an abortion and I will never be ashamed because someone else wants me to be.  I will never stop fighting for women's rights!  For myself, my daughter and ALL women!"

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