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Gina, 13

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This story was submitted by an abortion provider.

Gina is a 13-year-old who was raped by a seasonal worker who had been renting a room in her family's house. She had thought she was alone in the house, but she went into the bathroom, where he attacked her. Her mother returned, discovered the assault, kicked him out, and called the police.

Gina always had had irregular periods and initially didn't realize that her period was late. When she worried about missing her period and got a pregnancy test, she was 19 weeks pregnant. She told her mother and they set about trying to find an abortion provider. This proved difficult but ultimately, her mother found a clinic that could provide the service she needed at her stage of gestation; Gina terminated the pregnancy at 20 weeks.

Meanwhile, the police collected forensics in Gina's case, in the hope of locating and prosecuting the assailant. While receiving care at the health center for the pregnancy, Gina also learned she had been infected with chlamydia as a result of the rape.

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