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Obviously I grew up when abortion was not legal.  In fact, it wasnt even mentioned in my strict southern baptist household.  When a girl 'got in trouble' and 'shamed her family' she 'had to get married'.  The shame of having a child out of wedlock was too terrible to even contemplate.  In high school I watched several of my friends drop out to be trapped in a miserable marriage with a child they werent prepared to care for with a husband who was as miserable as she was.  I was 15 before I realized that pregnancies could be stopped early on and I was outraged that this option was not available for my friends. That they were denied this choice offended me to my very bones. Ive never had an abortion.  Both of my sons were planned and wanted before they were conceived.  I fully believe every child deserves to come into the world the exact same way - wanted.  I am adamantly pro choice and will always be adamantly pro choice.

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