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Jamie, 35

In 2007, I was diagnosed with HELLP in my 5th month of a wanted pregnancy. Because my body was not responding to the labor inducing drugs so I could deliver my daughter, my body was dying quickly. The ONLY way to cure HELLP is to deliver the fetus.

I only had so many hours to live and my daughter was not going to make it no matter what happened. As a result, I had to be given an emergency abortion to save my life. If that were not an option under the laws, my family would have lost both me and my unborn baby.

It is CRITICAL to keep the government OUT of our medical care and related private/personal decisions. The pro-life/anti-choice movement is set on a religious ideal that SHOULD NOT be relevant to our law making body; separation of church and state.

Statistics are people not just numbers. If we change these laws based on “only the few” who need a live saving abortions, we are telling our country that NO life is precious and women are dispensable.

It is ridiculous that anyone would even challenge a person's right to govern their own bodies!

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