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Janet, 53

I work near a clinic that provides abortions and was subjected to horrible, graphic pictures of dead babies by those that chose to protest against them.  I feel politicians and the general public have no right to interfere with the choice a woman makes as to whether or not to have a baby.  They do not know her individual situation and this is a personal decision.  This is no more of a legislative issue than someone being overweight - the government really has no right to interfere with someone's choices about what to do with their own bodies.

There are too many unwanted babies in this world now that have grown up to be criminals (or are emotionally crippled) due to the lack of love and I feel a woman should be able to make an informed decision about what to do when she becomes pregnant.  I can well remember the days when abortion was not really a safe option and was worried about what I would do if I became pregnant at a time when I was not ready to support/love a child. 

It would be a tragedy for women to lose this right to the freedom of choice.  It should be a decision made by by the woman and her physician - not some bureaucrat. 

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