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Jen, 29

I have always been a strong pro-choice advocate. I was part of student groups all through college and had the pleasure of attending the million women march in D.C.

I had a few acquaintances who had abortions but it really hit home for me when I was faced with an unexpected pregnancy last October. I had been on birth control pills but had taken antibiotics and had gotten pregnant with a casual relationship. I knew there was no way I could give this child a decent life and that the father and I were not heading down the road of a long term relationship. It was not an easy decision but it was one made out of love. As I walked into the clinic that day, I was faced with protesters yelling at me. It was an incredibly hard decision to make but that right one for me. I was amazed as I sat and waited my turn at all the different women in there. All different, yet all with one thing in common.

Now knowing how hard it is, I will continue to fight to make sure every woman has rights when it comes to their bodies.

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