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Jennie, 28

A lot of pro-life people think that being Pro-choice means you always choose abortion. That is not the case. I found myself with an unintended pregancy. We did use a comdom but we landed in that percentage where it broke. I was very unsure that I wanted to bring a child into the world. After thinking it over and knowing that I had the right to choose I chose to keep him.

That is what what pro-choice is about. The right to choose. I felt safe knowing that the choice was mine to make. Truly it was and always will be. The choice is meant to be between a woman, her doctor and her god (if she is religous). Not a man in a suit sitting in an office with no idea what's going on in the real world. I was lucky. My child was not the resault of a rape. Some women aren't that lucky and they have to have the right to choose. For thier sake and the sake of the child and any they may have in the futrue.

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