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Jennifer, 46

While pregnant with my first child it became very clear to me that the man I had been planning to marry was an alcoholic and very abusive - I knew I had to get away from him and raise my daughter. Shortly after her birth on a night during the breakup process he picked me up in his car for us to go talk. The next thing I knew I was forced to have sex and found myself pregnant again. I was facing dropping out of nursing school and a very bleak future of staying with him and two babies under the age of one. I was very clear during this very painful time in my life that I had only one choice - I was either going to have this 2nd child and stop living, or terminate and start over with just me and my child. I have never for a second thought I made the wrong decision as painful as it was. I was forced into a situation that I did not choose and I was and am very grateful that I had the right to choose the outcome for my daughter and myself.

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