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Jessica, 29

I am pro-choice for a pleathera of different reasons. I believe first and foremost that no one has the right to tell anyone man or woman what they can or can not do with thier bodies, we have a freedom to decide what is good for us and what isn't. Also I remember hearing the horror stories of the way it was before abortion became legalized with these poor women who would suffer through butcher jobs and some never made it out alive, we do not want that in our country again ever. There are many different reasons that a woman has an abortion it's not always just to terminate the pregnancy because they are not ready for a child, sometimes there are medical conditions that a woman has to make that decision, sometimes a woman doesn't want to carry a child due to being violated and then becoming pregnant with her preditors child. Why should other's make the decision for women?? We fought so hard to get this far with everything in this country, we don't need to turn the clocks back at all! I think that women should always be able to make thier own choices especially when it comes to thier own bodies. I am pro-choice because, I know I wouldn't want anyone else making that decision for me if it had to come to that.

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