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Katie, 28

This story is about my great grandma Josephine and why I am pro choice. I have always been pro choice and believe what we choose to do with our bodies is nobody else’s concern. But the story of my grandma Jo cuts to the heart of why abortion must be kept safe and legal. My grandma became pregnant in 1948 with her second pregnancy. 12 weeks into the pregnancy she became very ill and went to the doctor. He explained her fetus had died and was rotting inside her causing mass infection. He told her it was illegal to treat this condition and she would soon face death. Shocked and terrified she left the office. A nurse followed her out and handed her a slip of paper with no name just a number. The nurse said, "I did not give you this." Grandma went home and called the number. A man answered an only said "Give me an address I will be there at midnight." Midnight arrived and a man came carrying a medical bag and a bucket. He told her to lie on her dining room table and open her legs. He performed the procedure right there. Four years later my grandfather was born. I would not be here today if it were not for a nurse with a slip of paper and an unknown man. He never charged my grandma a cent. But we owe him everything. Protect Roe v. Wade!!!

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