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Laura, 19

I was 18 when I found out. I consistently used condoms with my boyfriend at the time, and less than a year out of high school, I was panicked. I knew that abortion was the right choice for me. When I went to the clinic, the staff was incredibly friendly.

I had an ultrasound (I couldn't see the screen) and then I spoke with a counselor who answered my questions about pain and aftercare and also told me about the patch as a method of birth control as a backup for condoms. A different nurse brought me to the procedure room and explained everything as the doctor came in.

I haven't felt any regret since, and I want every person who decides this is the right CHOICE for THEM that if it's what you want, it's worth it! I never doubted my decision, and if I ever do I can read my list and put my mind at ease. I'm happy with my decision as it was right for me!

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