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Lindsay, NJ

A friend of mine used to be "pro-life." She attended the rallies, created signs, signed petitions, etc. Then she got married and soon became pregnant. She fully intended to carry her child to term. A complication occurred that led to her doctor recommending she get an abortion. She was told she needed it to save her life. At first she refused. The doctor explained what the consequences would be if she didn't choose an abortion. She became depressed. Her husband and close friends spoke with her. She decided to have an abortion. Thank G-D she did because although she mourned for her child, she consequently got pregnant two years later and now has a sweet little girl named Alina. She'll never forget the child she lost, the child she never got to meet. But the main point I'd like to get across to you, readers, is that she *chose* life. Without that abortion, she would have died. I am Jewish. I am against abortion. But I still place myself in the pro-choice category because I value LIFE. Because I value CHOICE. Life without a choice is not a life at all. Please consider this when casting your vote.

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