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Lyla, 30

I'm in a long distance relationship with the most wonderful man in the world. I got pregnant last October and was crushed. I had already raised one child as a single parent and I was terrified what would happen with two. My boyfriend is in grad school, and in no way could we derail our future because of a faulty condom. So after several nights of tears and heartache together we made the decision to terminate the pregnancy. It was the hardest and most painful choice I have ever made, and still it weighs heavy on my heart like a brick filled bag. As much as I mourn for the loss of the pregnancy I know I made the right choice. I was asked recently if now in hindsight that I feel differently about the pro-choice movement, if the sorrow of the loss has lured me into changing my beliefs, and I said "No". Abortion may not be the right move for every woman, but the CHOICE should still be available, and for those who think it's easy for any woman to make this choice then they are foolish, it's a hard a soul pressing choice that will always haunt me.

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