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Mariah, 19

Shortly after turning 18 and in my final semester of high school, I found out I was pregnant by my boyfriend of two years. I thought we were in love and could successfully raise a baby together but upon telling him, he broke up with me and claimed we could only be together if I terminated my pregnancy. I was extremely heartbroken and in distress about what to do, but my relationship with my boyfriend was the least of my worries. After considering my options, I decided I would get an abortion. I'll never forget that cold January morning that my mother took me to a Family Planning Group in a nearby town, and all the horrific pro-life protesters that nearly dissuaded me from my decision. Almost a year later, I look back and have no regrets about my decision because I know having a child would have ruined its life more than my own; above all, the procedure really helped me move on with my life and want to pursue a very successful future. I only wish I could change the fact that there are so many hateful groups that exist to torment women that choose abortion. I hope one day, all women of all ages can reside in a nation that allows for guilt-free freedom of choice about their sexual health, and men as well.

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