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Molly, 54

When I graduated from college in 1975, I worked in a Planned Parenthood for 3 years. It was fantastic to work in a facility which provided safe medical procedures for women.

When I was pregnant (at age 41) with my second child, amniocentesis results showed that my baby was suffering from Trisomy 18. She was an Edwards baby. 

I learned that Edwards babies usually don't make it out of the hospital, are severely retarded, and are in constant pain. My husband and I opted for termination for the sake of our baby and our family.

With help from the counsellors at the clinic to which I had previously referred women, a very difficult situation was made tolerable.

This was the most difficult decision I have ever made, and it angers me greatly when people assume that every person seeking abortion is looking for the easy way out.

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