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Mooky, 50

I was enlisted in the Air Force. I was pregnant (planned) and after 2+ months began to have a miscarriage. I was stationed overseas and due to the new "Bush" bill restricting federal hospitals and money for abortive procedures, I could not get any medical attention for the miscarriage because it would be a D&C and that is not covered for active duty military personnel. I could go off base and get an abortion out of pocket but who has $700+ dollars for that? I had to endure nearly 3 weeks of bleeding and passing tissue before I developed a fever and went to the base hospital. I was immediately sent to the OR to have a D&C to prevent me from possibly dying of blood loss. It was difficult to become pregnant after that and I have 8 years between children. I found out that I had a molar pregnancy and that there never was a fetus or viable human being. It still haunts me to this day and I never want any woman to go through this especially one who is fighting for the freedom of the morons who choose to restrict women’s rights.

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