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Nicci, 20

I'm sure my story is like many others. I'm a struggling college student. May I also add I'm in a diverse field for my schooling...Automotive Technology. I'm the only female in my program. I had a short "fling" with a guy I knew and got pregnant from this one encounter. While I'm barely able to support myself I knew I could not risk my entire future on having a baby. Even though adoption was available, I could not finish my schooling. Being around cars and the chemicals and substances and work I have to put into them would be harmful to me and the baby. I decided to have an abortion. While it’s hard to grasp the idea of just getting rid of it in some people’s minds, I was risking even more by trying to hang on to it. I didn't do because I was selfish or cuz I didn't want to take care of another life. But why bring that life into a world where I could not provide for it? College students in the state of Utah cannot get insurance especially if you are on financial aid. I like having all the options possible and there are so many circumstances where a woman needs to have the choice. Trust me, you don't know what you will do unless you are in that position.

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