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Nikki, 21

I was told by doctors I could never get pregnant and decided to have sex without protection. Soon I found out they were wrong. I was starting my senior year of college and had no plan of having a kid. My parents didn't believe in abortions and being completely honest I didn't either until now.

It took me a long time to decide but I realized leaving a choice about your own body up to the community or government is wrong and will only lead to more problems. If I had chosen to keep the child I would be raising it on my own with no money and barely any support. I want to have children in the future but had I been forced by the government to keep the baby I would have always felt resentment toward him/her and he wouldn’t have had an ideal childhood.

I know many people disagree with my decision and to those people I say until you are in that situation you have no idea the pressure. I went through with the abortion and although it was a bumpy road it was the best choice for me and my future children.

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