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Rachel, 28

In the beginning of a relatively new relationship, I faced an unplanned pregnancy.  I was in no way able to carry out a pregnancy at this time. Not only was I not mature enough or financially ready, but even more so I suffer from major depressive disorder and was recovering from an eating disorder. Had Planned Parenthood and the ability to get an abortion safely not been available, I would have starved that pregnancy right out of me and you can bet I told them that. I couldn't face changes in my body. What would I have done without this choice in my life? I would have hurt myself and my child. For those who are anti-choice, there are women who have accidental pregnancies who suffer mentally and are unable to raise a child. What would they have me do? They would tell me it is a gift. When there is a mental illness involved, an unplanned pregnancy can be dangerous to the mother and fetus. Safe abortion must be available because sometimes it’s just not possible for a woman to continue with a pregnancy. And whatever her situation, that is a difficult choice to make and should be respected.

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