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Ris, 19

I had just turned 15 when I found out I was pregnant. A freshmen in high school, no job, no license, and a 16 year old boyfriend who was a soon to be father just did not add up right in my head. How could I raise a baby? Where would I get the money to keep my baby fed and clothed? Everything ran through my head including the question "Why me?" I had plans, I wanted to graduate high school and go to college and bringing a baby into the picture put a wall up between me and my dreams. I was 9 weeks when I had the abortion. I was greeted by unpleasant people shoving signs in my face telling me what's right for me and MY child. Yes, I chose to have sex but I didn't choose to get pregnant. I am pro-choice. Why should other people decide what I should do with MY body and MY child. I was young and 100% not ready to become a mother.

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