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Sara, 26

My stepmother passed away today. One prominent memory was when she told me the story behind her birth.

She was born in Boston during the pre-Roe days. She was then adopted by a loving couple. The doctor that delivered her set up the adoption—he had done this many times. But he was also there as a safe option for women that looked for an abortion provider.

Through word of mouth, women were able to turn to him. He practiced in a safe environment using safe methods. He broke the law so that women didn't have to die needlessly.

Eventually, he was arrested. After he was released, he ended his abortion services and continued arranging adoptions. But the fact that he was willing to do both truly defines "pro-choice."

Not too long ago, Massachusetts started allowing people born before a certain date to access their adoption records. After over six decades, my stepmother was able to learn about her birth mother.

It turned out to be a teenage girl.

Surprisingly, she did not feel rejected. She understood that her mother put her up for adoption as an act of love. She was grateful for the doctor that gave her, her birth mother, her adoptive parents, and countless other women a chance at a decent life...a doctor that trusted women.

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