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Sarah, 29

I am a firm believer in being pro-choice.  I was in a seven year abusive relationship that left me hospitalized and with P.T.S.D.  I became pregnant with this individual and I knew that I could not keep my pregnancy.  He was not a contributing member of society and extremely volatile.  I faced domestic violence every day for seven years and only can imagined what he would have done to a child.  I was living in Boston at the time and went to Planned Parenthood for my services.  They have buffer zones set up but anti-choice individuals still crucify you when you walk in with gruesome pictures and yelling terrible things at you.  They actually took a picture of my license plate and placed it on  I had to threaten to take legal action to have this removed. 

That website has since been shut down but women still face anti-choice groups at clinics all of the time.  It makes an already difficult situation even worse.  We need to stand together as people and stop the war on women immediately.  I've since moved on with my life, obtained my Master's, met an amazing man whom I am in a loving supportive, mutually respecting relationship.  I don't regret having an abortion for one second, in fact the more women that I have talked to I've found that many of them were in similar situations and went through the same process.

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