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I remember how things were for women before legalized abortion.  I have read so many horror stories of women bleeding to death or worse after a botched abortion.  I have been pro choice ever since the phrase was coined.  It is ridiculous to me to think of some one other than myself having a say about my body.  I truly believe that, in this country, everyone has the right to their own opinion.  However, having said that, I do NOT believe anyone has the right to try to force their opinion on me.  I know that there are very strong beliefs for and against abortion, and I also know that most of the time when I say I am pro choice that a lot of people think that means pro abortion.  I DO have strong feelings about this and will continue to try and educate people to the difference of pro abortion and pro choice.  I have two daughters and have managed to make them understand and they are firm believers of pro choice.  This is America and it is the one country that should respect all of its citizens beliefs.  NO ONE should have any decision about what a person can do to their body.  That is the pro choice belief.  Hopefully this will continue to be legal. 

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