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Stacie, 39

 When I was in high school, my Mom took me to my first rally in Washington. At the same time she discussed birth control, abortion and the struggle that women went through to have the right to control their own reproduction.  She made certain that I was well educated and when I went to college I made certain that I escorted women at clinics and volunteered at NARAL to insure that we would always have the right to choose. I was taught that you had to be vigilant because there were people that would take this right away.

I was on birth control and assumed that I would never need to use the right to an abortion because I was taking precautions. Well, I became the 1% statistic that gets pregnant on the pill.
I was living in Chicago at the time and I called my mom immediately. She flew up here to be with me and the clinic that I went to was wonderful. I am truly grateful that this option was available to me as I was 21 years old and completely incapable of raising a child. I can't imagine where my life would be if I had been forced to have a baby.

I'm grateful to my Mom (most of all) and to all of the women who have fought and continue to fight to insure that I have the right to choose.

Thank you.

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