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Stephanie, 29

I was raised Catholic and I was an ardent and fervent devotee while I still practiced. And then one day a few years later, still pro-life and a bit green, having been in love with my partner for 2 years I got pregnant. And I was about to start grad-school. And I was scared and not sure I wanted a baby at that point in my life. But I was in love and I decided to have the baby. And then I had a test that said something was wrong. My partner and I had had experience with supported-living, and we thought if it was a trisomy we'd probably go through with our pregnancy. And we were scared and we didn't know what to do. And we found out a little later that it was a pretty big problem. One in a million. Quality of life questionable. Major health problems for life. Might never walk. Might never talk. Might not swallow of his own volition (yes, we knew he was a boy and we named him Noah).

We did research. We had arguments. We debated things like how much quality is enough quality of life to bring a being into suffering. It was the worst month of my life. And at 22 weeks gestation I decided with my partner not to continue with my pregnancy. And if you have the gall to tell me that that decision I made was made out of anything but pure love, then you have no idea what the true message of Christ is. I have never once regretted that decision, but it continues to break my heart. I HAD AN ABORTION. It was my body and at the time I was fortunate not to have been living within a political construct in which pregnant people are treated under a different set of laws than people who are not pregnant. TIME TO STOP THE SHAME.

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