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Susan, 68

I got pregnant from my second sexual experience at age 21.  I was so naive.  I had a back room abortion in 1965 in New York City.  I was told to go alone to an apartment in Harlem.  I was given something to make me unconscious and told to go home when I awoke. (I cannot remember how it was administered) and woke up alone.  I was in great pain.  The next day I returned and again was knocked out for the abortion.  So I never saw anyone.  Obviously this was a very traumatic experience and every April since then I remember the pain and suffering I underwent.  I obviously could have died! 

After that trauma I got a diaphragm and never practiced unprotected sex. Thank goodness for Choice for my daughter and all women.  I would be happy to share my story.  At age 68 I still remember!

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