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Val, 53

I have never had an abortion.  I know people who have but that doesn't matter.   It's a matter of imagining the world before we had the freedom to choose.   Imagining not having that right.   I can't even do it.  Where would those women be today if they'd had to have that child?   Where would those children be?  The desperation women must have had before they had that right to choose.  The botched abortions that were performed - because you know - if abortions were made illegal again...they're not going to stop - but who will be doing them?   Where would women turn?   We are more than just birthing vessels.  We count too!   I will always fight for women's right to choose for themselves.  By making abortions illegal, you're telling women they have no voice.   I never want to see that happen again. 

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