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Valerie, 32

My mom was pregnant before me. At Thanksgiving she went into the doctor as something wasn't right. She was told that there wasn't a baby but matter. No heartbeat, no brainstem, no function. Doctors said she would most likely miscarriage but not when. They warned of the risk of her hemorrhaging and possibly dying with miscarriage. 

My mom already had a 3 year old at home.  Her option was a DNC which is the medical terminology for abortion.  She chose that. It was hard and is still hard to this day on her.  She doesn't regret her decision but hates that she had to make it.  And recently my own aunt made comments about it to her and made her feel horrible.

I have always thought that it wasn't my decision to make and with this I am even more steadfast in my belief. This is a basic right to decide what can be done to your body. No other person has the right to tell you what to do. No woman should ever be denied the right to choose! I will always stand in support of pro-choice as it is not my choice unless it is my body.

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