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Stories About Abortion

Cynthia, 56
My step-father molested me from the time I was 6 years old until I was able to put a stop to it... after 10 years of victimization.

Chloe, 15
I am pro-choice, because I have seen what ignorance can do to people.

Jennifer, 46
While pregnant with my first child it became very clear to me that the man I had been planning to marry was an alcoholic and very abusive - I knew I had to get away from him and raise my daughter.

Grace, 28
My commitment to reproductive rights comes from my firm belief that all people are equal and should be allowed to determine the course of their own lives.

Ris, 19
I had just turned 15 when I found out I was pregnant.

Ellen, 53
I was 18 in 1975 and my period was 10 days late.

Rye, 20
Choosing inspiration. That's how I think of my own experience of abortion.

Rob, 60
I will not let what my mother fought for be trampled into the ground. This is why I stand with you brave women.

Caroline, 18
My freshman year going into college, I found out I was pregnant. I talked to only my mother, father, and sister about what my choices were. I was scared, and felt absolutely alone at college.

Rachel, 24
Today I had an abortion. Today I had to drive three hours out of my home state to obtain an abortion because the laws in my state are so restrictive that my choices were limited.

Stacie, 39
When I was in high school, my Mom took me to my first rally in Washington. At the same time she discussed birth control, abortion and the struggle that women went through to have the right to control their own reproduction.

For anyone to think that making this decision was really easy is just wrong. But it was the best decision for me and it was MY decision and if I had to do it over again, I would.

Natasha, 27
When I was a teenager, my mother told me that she had an abortion when she was my age.

Mary, 57
When I was in college, abortion was still illegal. A young woman (at our small liberal arts college) became pregnant and, being a poor student, had no means to obtain an abortion.

Marie, 63
In 1960 I was a student nurse assigned to the ER. One evening a car pulled up to the ER dooor and left a young girl out onto the pavement...

Lisa, 43
I am pro choice because I believe in a woman's right to decide whether or not to have a baby.

Joyce, 27
Pro-Choice is a women's legal right. In college I had to take my friend to a abortion clinic and we had to fight to get to the front door.

Jennie, 28
A lot of pro-life people think that being Pro-choice means you always choose abortion. That is not the case.

Jen, 29
I had a few acquaintances who had abortions but it really hit home for me when I was faced with an unexpected pregnancy last October...

Janet, 53
I work near a clinic that provides abortions and was subjected to horrible, graphic pictures of dead babies by those that chose to protest against them. I feel politicians and the general public have no right to interfere with the choice a woman makes as to whether or not to have a baby.

I used to live next door to a clinic that provided abortion services once a week. Every Wednesday I was forced to negotiate a maze of angry protesters displaying graphic photos...

Ghong, 23
I'd lived in Oregon for the first 21 years of my life and recently moved to Utah. My husband is in the Air Force and was stationed near Salt Lake.

Esther, 68
I can remember the time when I was 14 years old and there was a girl in my gym class who got pregnant. Abortions were not legal at the time.

If a woman cannot control her fertility, she cannot control her life.

When Louisiana tried to ban abortion in 1991, I distinctly remember my Catholic, Southern Louisiana grandmother saying that it was a woman's body and the government should not interfere...


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