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Stories About Abortion

Amy, 37
A close family member of mine became pregnant after a couple of years of trying in her late 20s. She and her husband, as well as the rest of the family, were thrilled.

So why am I pro-choice? Because my Mom inspired me...

Jean, 74
As a teenager I can remember hearing of young women dying because they had an abortion.

William, 55
I support choice because I am raising a beautiful 14 year old daughter and I am old enough to remember what it was like before Roe vs. Wade.

Corinne, 31
Even as a teenager, I knew a woman's right to choose when and if to have children was important.

Linda, 60
I have 4 children, birthed naturally and it was a wonderful and rewarding experience and continues to be.

Linda, 50
I became fully supportive of pro-choice during medical school training, when the full impact of unwanted pregnancies and children was visible and touchable on a daily basis.

Mark, 62
In the late sixties I was in medical school in Maryland which had just passed a law allowing abortions for state residents.

DyAnne, 55
I was newly married in 1972 and my husband had many years of college and graduate school remaining.

Gennie, over 45
My mother was 38 when she passed away. I was 17, and my brother 14. My father told us that she died of kidney failure, which was not entirely a lie.

Anonymous, 18
I consider abortion my life saver. When my mother was my age she got pregnant.

Margaret, 65
Thirty-five years ago, I was married and the mother of a beautiful little girl.

Chantel, 28
I remember when I was a little girl at age 10 an anti-abortion woman lived next door. I used to play in her yard with the other neighborhood children every day.

Amanda, 26
Growing up, my parents taught us the importance of respecting ourselves and others.

Kelsey, 25
My mother is a feminist and instilled those values in me from a very young age; I remember having arguments about abortion with my friends when I was in 3rd grade.

Dawn, 31
I've always been pro-choice and believe in a woman's right to have control over her own body -pregnant with a baby or not.

Val, 53
I have never had an abortion. I know people who have but that doesn't matter.

Julie, 44
Well, my story is my grandmother's story.

Keiley, 33
I guess my story began with a conversation I had with my priest. I was 12 at the time and the topic was one I had heard on evening news.

Amanda, 29
I suppose I have always considered myself a feminist. For 29 years, my mother has continued to share with me certain pieces of wisdom about loving, living, and learning as a woman.

Tamara, 38
Why am I Pro Choice? This is something I really haven't thought about in a while. So thank you for giving me the opportunity to answer that question.

Julie, 22
The movie If These Walls Could Talk really reinforced my preexisting belief that the decision to have an abortion (or decision not to have an abortion) is a woman's CHOICE.

Victoria, 20
I was pro-life, came from a family who preached abortion as evil.

Jamie, 44
I thought I was pregnant in 1978 when I was only sixteen years old. I still remember the panic and desperation I felt. Thankfully, my mother and I had a close and open relationship and she was there for me.

Jenn, 28
I believe that the decision to have an abortion is a very personal one and every woman has the right to safe and legal access.


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