March 31, 2016 / Press Releases

NARAL releases conversation on new Soundcloud channel feat. Rebecca Traister to celebrate feminism, women’s history month

March 31, 2016

To commemorate and close out Women’s History Month 2016, NARAL Pro-Choice America today released a conversation on NARAL’s new Soundcloud channel between NARAL president Ilyse Hogue and Rebecca Traister, author of the bestselling books “All the Single Ladies” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” During this dynamic conversation, Hogue and Traister discuss the evolving feminist movement, the myth of the “intensity gap” and single women’s agency in the 21st century.

NARAL will use this channel to share smart conversations with feminists and leaders in the women’s movement in the future.

To listen to the conversation on Soundcloud, click here.

Please find NARAL’s post on Medium to roll out the conversation below:

Ilyse Hogue and Rebecca Traister on Women’s History, Modern Feminism, and Where We Go From Here

Our country is on a precipice when it comes to the future of women’s rights and reproductive freedom. From the fight to protect access to abortion, to the strength behind the modern feminist movement led by the millennial generation, and the stark contrast between the two presidential front-runners when it comes to rhetoric and policies that help women succeed, we face a critical time for our future success.

That’s why we need to understand how we got here in the first place. In order to move forward and realize full equality, we must understand where we came from and recognize the women who got us there.

To celebrate the women whose shoulders we stand on, and the modern day feminists we’re proud to support, NARAL Pro-Choice America president Ilyse Hogue hosted a dynamic discussion with Rebecca Traister, feminist scholar and author of the best-selling books “All the Single Ladies” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” The two met during Women’s History Month and the day after the Whole Woman’s Health hearing at the Supreme Court to discuss everything from the evolving feminist movement, the myth of the “intensity gap” in the presidential election, Beyonce’s impact on the fight for true equality, and relatively new-found agency of single women in the United States.

Listen to the interview below:

Conversations like these are possible thanks to hundreds of years of feminist activism, which has moved us closer to a society where women and men have equal opportunity. We couldn’t be more excited to share this conversation with you at the close of Women’s History Month, and honor the rich history of women and feminism in this country.


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